For 32 years and over 4,000 clients globally, ACOM has helped organizations transform how they do business, enabling them to intelligently capture information within documents, then verify, analyze, process, route and archive information automatically.  Our solutions convert paper into manageable, electronic information with clear audit trails; giving companies centralized visibility and control of all their vital business content.

ACOM’s End-to-end Paperless Processing for Sage ERP eliminates manual paper-based processes, giving users instant access and control of all of their business documents and information without leaving their Sage screens:

  • Automated Workflow approval for AP processing or any departmental requirement.
  • No more wasting time walking/mailing documents around the office for approval\
  • Complete the AP cycle with Paperless Payment processing
  • Eliminate paper and filing cabinets – save precious space, storage costs and “Go Green”
  • Instant electronic access to files, means improved service to customers and suppliers  |  800-699-5758  |  Long Beach, CA