CyberSense helps Sage 300 or X3 customers that want to improve their sales, marketing and operational systems but feel locked into inflexible, closed source and, in many cases, dying technologies. CyberSense supplies deeply integrated eCommerce solutions for Sage 300 and Sage X3. However, this is where the similarity between us and the competition ends.

A key difference is that CyberSense supports multiple open source eCommerce solutions, not just one. We lead our customers through an initial design phase that documents key workflows and system integration needs while at the same time exploring branding, messaging, and overall user experience improvements. This crucial step allows us to optimize the user experience while aligning functional workflows. The result is the right eCommerce technology for our customer’s needs, as opposed to choosing an eCommerce solution first and then having to wedge business requirements into a technology framework which is, in all likelihood, not optimal for the situation.

Secondly, CyberSense is one of the only complete Digital Agencies in the channel. With over twenty years of Digital Agency experience in web design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), corporate branding, custom web development, mobile development and Sage related initiatives, we are supremely qualified to meet all of your Digital Transformation and Omni-Channel needs.

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