SYNDi from Indusflow Systems is a suite of products, seamlessly integrated with Sage 300 ERP financial modules. It manages loans, mortgages and various investments such as stocks, bonds and notes. SYNDi screens have the look and feel of original Accpac so that users have minimal training requirement.

1. SYNDI Loan Manager

      • The Professional Edition sets up loans, calculates the installment, creates amortization schedules, and processes borrower payments. The system generates reports, tracks missed payments, send email messages with attachments, and processes returned checks. The built-in pop-up reminders enable the user to manage workflow. The application stores loan documents in documents library for easy access.
      • The Premium Edition does everything that the Professional Edition does. In addition, it manages syndicated loans with multiples lenders, maintains lender accounts, emails lender statements, calculates broker commission, generates annual T5 slips, creates investor disclosure statements, and produces various analytical reports.
      • With SYNDi Loan Manager, you can process Mortgages, Customer Financing, Employee Loans, Construction Loans, Interest-free Loans, Commercial Loans, Community Loans, Cash Loans, In-Kind Loans etc. Think of a scenario and SYNDi Loan Manager handles it. All accounting entries are transferred automatically to Sage 300 ERP G/L, A/R and A/P modules.


2. SYNDI Investment Ledger

    • This portfolio management application enables a company to track its investments. If you operate as a financial service bureau, managing portfolios of your clients, and working with various brokers, you can use the software to maintain the history of all transactions related to the purchase and sale of stocks, bonds, notes and treasury bills. The system generates the investment history and prepares journal entries that are seamlessly transferred as a batch in Sage 300 ERP General Ledger. The bank-related entries appear in the banking module. | (888) 940-0751 | Markham, Ontario