General Session

Don Thomson, Tairox, founder of ACCPAC

 The Past and Future of Mid-Market Accounting
Sage 300 was originally called ACCPAC and developed during the early, visionary days of personal computing. An accurate vision of the future must separate what matters from the hype of the day. Don Thomson, a founder of the original ACCPAC development company, will relate visions of the past to what we may expect in the future.

Super Session

The Power of a Cloud-Connected Supply Chain Solution for Sage Distributors & Manufacturers

Join this TPAC Super Session to learn how your customers can seamlessly connect all of their disparate supply chain applications to achieve an end-to-end, cloud-connected Sage 300 solution for managing orders and shipments.

Edisoft’s Connectors can be deployed in the Cloud or a Hybrid IT environment and don’t require any software coding, ETL or data mapping tools, which means customers have greater flexibility when combining their systems and applications to easily scale their business. The out-of-the-box configurability of Edisoft’ s Connectors minimizes the complexity of system or application migrations and upgrades, saving customers both time and money.

Hear from other Sage ISVs who are a part of Edisoft’s Cloud-Connected Supply Chain Solution, with examples of success stories from Sage 300 Distributors and Manufacturers across a variety of industries.

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