Web Purchasing & Expense Management Software  – Simplify spend management with real-time integration with Sage. eRequester gives your organization the ability to increase efficiency, reduce maverick spending and improve financial accountability.

eRequester offers improved business process automation for purchasing, receiving, payables, and expense management. eRequester aids in the creation, routing, and management of purchase requisitions, purchase orders (POs), RFQs, change orders, receiving, travel authorization, non-PO invoices, workflow, approval routing and much more.

Powerful Approval Engine for a Comprehensive Solution  – Essential to eRequester is the approval workflow engine which lets you define flexible approval routing logic, based on any field, for different types of transactions going through your system. This powerful feature allows you to customize using routing rules and actions to match internal procurement policies.

eRequester is Extensible and Flexible – eRequester can be tailored to fit your organization via add-on modules, including:  Budget Control, Custom Fields, Change Order, Receiving, Inventory, Email Approval, Project, Request for Quote, Mobile Approval, Multi-Currency, Invoice Approval, Payment Request, and Punchout (to vendor websites). eRequester is simple to use, aids in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley, and delivers rapid ROI. Spend wisely with eRequester.

eRequester Insights Interview – “eRequester has done everything we expected it to do and more. It has become embedded in our day-to-day operations.” Neil McInnes, CPA, CGA, Director of Finance

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