Datalinx eFulfilment: Pick and Ship

As a Sage Tech Partner Plus, for over 25 years Datalinx has been successful and a long standing member of the Sage marketplace. Datalinx is now proud to present the eFM application to the Sage 300 community at the TPAC 2024 event.


Datalinx eFulfilment Manager is a dedicated Pick and Ship application specially designed for eCommerce businesses that work with platforms like Shopify. eFM brings the power of advanced warehousing practice with efficient picking to smaller businesses, focusing on prompt delivery expectations.

  • User friendly application
  • Fast picking system for tablet devices
  • Packing bench operation for order verification
  • Courier interface for timely generation of shipping labels


Picking Process

The picking process accommodates:

  • Wave picking
  • Single line single item
  • Ship in own container orders

Streamlined by barcode technology at the packing bench for accurate despatch


Sage Integration

  • Orders can be edited in Sage in real time before being picked for despatch
  • Sage is updated by eFM as orders are dispatched, allowing tracking of consignment numbers.


For businesses handling over 40 eCommerce orders a day, eFM provides the perfect scalable solution to handle the order volume fluctuations driven by market trends and order peaks such as flash sales typically generated by Social Media or seasonal activity.  | +44 (0)1342 324460| |Dormansland, Surrey, UK