FRS is a powerful new financial reporter that is amazingly easy to use. It’s the ultimate on-premise / cloud / hybrid replacement for the old Sage 300 FR and is fully developed in the Sage 300 SDK. FRS has familiar FR functions like FRAMT, FRAMTA, FRDEBIT etc. and all 60 FR fields from BALP to BALPY#PA making conversion of FR reports to FRS a breeze. FRS takes financial reporting to a whole new level. And that’s just the beginning.


We completely re-imagined how financial reporting should work. FRS uses revolutionary new patent-pending technology developed by Dingosoft that allows you to print financial statements with the standard Crystal reporting engine that comes with Sage 300. No Excel or any other external application required. The elegantly designed standard reports are developed by a chartered accountant and work with any G/L accounts / account groups – out of the box. FRS provides a powerful report designer inside Sage 300 and you never need to use the Crystal designer. However, if you want to use the Crystal designer, the possibilities of what you can do with FRS are endless.


It’s a standard Sage 300 module – so you already know how to operate it. Just download and run the installer from the Dingosoft website, go into Admin Services / Data Activation to activate it and then open the FRS ‘Print Financial Statements’ screen (which looks and works pretty much exactly like the old FR Print Financial Statements screen – except for some added features) and start printing any of the standard reports. Want to create your own reports? You will find that the FRS report designer is conceptually similar to the FR report designer – except in a much easier to use Sage 300 user interface.


FRS has a lot in common with FR, but we’ve also added a swag of new features including:

  • Multi-company consolidations – out-of-the-box – with no export/import or connectors or anything else required.
  • Select any reporting (presentation) currency at print-time.
  • A Chart of Accounts screen that shows the account group so you can quickly find accounts with incorrect or missing account groups.
  • FRx-like Row Sets, Column Sets and Data Sets that are referenced by (not copied to) reports so that you only need to make changes in the one place – not in each report.
  • Define your own “Report Sets” for easy unattended printing of multiple reports.
  • Combine multiple reports into a single PDF file.
  • Email statements or a whole report set to one or a group of recipients.
  • Schedule the printing or emailing of reports sets with the standard Windows task scheduler. No need to be logged into Sage 300.
  • Automatically creates a separate copy of any report’s data in a regular Sage 300 table, but in a sort of OLAP Cube format for effortless creation of graphs, charts, cross-tabs etc. in Crystal.    |  +61 2 9401 7035  |  Sydney, Australia